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Warning! I made pictures of some strange creatures. See for yourself.

I think mangrove is one of the most beautiful types of nature. They are very important for biodiversity because the shelter often makes it a breeding ground for fish and birds. And the more animals the better, there is something to discover under every stone or branch 👀
During our trip through the Thar desert we passed many small villages. Houses in these villages are often mud huts with a thatched roof. As a result, you get a very special light every now and then. With our hostess in the photo we had a chai and talked about life in the desert.
What do you think of this spotted owlet? It is a small owl of less than 20 cm that lives in the Thar desert in Rajasthan, India. Have you ever seen such penetrating eyes? They are such intriguing animals.
Hoi 👋 Je kunt me hier vinden als je vragen hebt. Ik help je graag! 😊
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