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Hummingbird Hover



This high-quality print meets the highest requirements in terms of sharpness, gloss and color. The Fuji photo paper has an extremely large color range and is colorfast for 75 years. Framing and mounting possible for Dutch customers. Contact me for a customized proposal.

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The white-necked jacobin is a large and attractive hummingbird that lives in the cloud forests of Mindo, Ecuador. These birds usually visit flowers of tall trees and epiphytes for nectar, and also hawk for insects. In natural settings full of highly complex background motion, hummingbirds are able to precisely hover in place by rapid coordination of vision with body position.


200 g/m2 Fujicolor Digital Professional DPII Glossy Photo Paper


Specially developed for digital lighting with very high print quality


Delivered in a secure, cardboard tube

Hummingbird Hover

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