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New Zealand

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Selection of 10 favorite photos from the New Zealand series.



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10 x 15 cm


0.1 kg


Printed on Canon Premium paper (matte / 210 gsm)


Photo on the front, personal details on the back

New Zealand


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Warning! I know PAMPU and few other Tamil words. See for yourself.

Found it! The most elusive reptile in the world, the Tuatara. πŸ‘ They look like lizards but in fact they are part of a distinct lineage. It’s the only surviving member of its order which flourished 200 million years ago. A true living fossil πŸ¦–πŸ†
The Hooker Valley track, best half-day hike in New Zealand πŸ‘Œ
I was stunned by Lake Pukaki, a glacial lake that has become famous for its milky blue color. This is a scenery that looks much more impressive when you see it in person than it does in any photograph. Fairytale like. πŸ’―