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Newborn Llama



These sturdy creatures are domestic animals used by the peoples of the Andes Mountains. Llamas can survive by eating many different kinds of plants, and they need little water. This makes the South American relative of the camel very durable and dependable even in sparse mountainous terrain.


This high-quality print meets the highest requirements in terms of sharpness, gloss and color. The Fuji photo paper has an extremely large color range and is colorfast for 75 years. Framing and mounting possible for Dutch customers. Contact me for a customized proposal.

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200 g/m2 Fujicolor Digital Professional DPII Glossy Photo Paper


Specially developed for digital lighting with very high print quality


Delivered in a secure, cardboard tube

Newborn Llama


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Warning! I know PAMPU and few other Tamil words. See for yourself.

There are many different types of reptiles on the Andaman Islands. In the jungle that you cross towards beach no. 7 I have been able to find many different types of lizards. One of these is the Bay Islands Forest Lizard (Coryphophylax subcristatus) that only occurs on the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Note the reflection from the beach in his eye 🏝
It happens more often that nature has to adapt to humans than we adapt to nature. Even though it looks very unnatural, this Green bee-eater has a good overview through the barbed wire over the flat landscape. It is both a bit sad and beautiful.
We have met many people during our trip through Rajasthan "Land of Kings". Throughout the state but especially around temples you can find the most characteristic people who don't mind being photographed. That is, if you show interest and ask for it 👳🏾‍♂️🙏