Liquid Gloss

Turquoise Surf

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The natural monument ‘Los Órganos’ is a unique rock formation made up of vertical columns that look like church organ pipes, making it one of La Gomera’s most distinctive landmarks.


This artwork comes with our most luxurious finish. It is printed on the Durst Lambda machine and glued on a 4mm aluminum dibond plate. After this, the photo enters the specially designed, dust-free climate-controlled laboratory for 4 to 5 days and the resin is poured over it. After the work has hardened, it is cleaned and the back is provided with an aluminum suspension frame.

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105 x 70 cm


5 kg


Lambda fotoprint, aluminium dibond & liquid gloss


the artwork includes a suspension frame

Turquoise Surf


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Warning! I know PAMPU and few other Tamil words. See for yourself.

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